About Ashleigh

Learn to love the journey

I was once a skinny b*tch, a fat b*tch, a flexible b*tch, a strong b*tch and now I’m that b*tch! Just kidding – but that’s what the journey has been like for me. My journey in fitness and personal training/coaching has been all about discovery, experimenting, learning your strengths and weakness as you go, facing hardships and discovering what I really wanted for myself, what do I want to achieve?

From a young age, I found joy in moving my body coming from a background of dancing, acro gymnastics, hockey, cheerleading, rowing, and athletics – all in which I competed in at the highest level – but not without difficulty.

I fell in love with changing people’s lives. Empowering them with their bodies, through understanding how to move, gaining strength, understanding how diet works and ultimately feeling a lot more confident and sure of themselves. I’ve been doing this for more than 5 years and it feels like I’ve never worked a day in my life.

My journey doesnt stop there. I ventured into competitive figure bodybuilding, a new challenge that not only transformed my physique but also strengthened my mindset, and a real deep understanding of how the body works.

With hard work, support and a realistic, calm mindset,
anything is possible.

Everything you do is for you.